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Aug 16 2009

Come out to see us again!

Coach Said Not To is playing for another installment of the MIAs Third Thursdays!

We play at 6 and it’s free!

Blogging in the summertime is for the birds! Tweet.

See you!

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Apr 29 2009

spring: all that is old is new again or home again, home again, jiggity coach!

Hi Strangers. Coach Said Not To is back. Let me tell you how this happened…

I (Linnea) found myself humming familiar melodies that we had put to bed last year after Eva announced that she was moving to Germany to dance for The Staatstheater in Kassel with Johannes Weiland and that the prognosis for the band the four of us had put on life support was terminal. 

Eva and I had recorded an album of The Dale Hush Hush (sisterly side-project) tunes (which will get a life of its own…August? September? Wait for it…) before she left, and while we all felt her absence sharply, 3 of the 4 of us remained and still had a jones to play. Coach is/was the spark or baby or zombie locked in the shed to think about its taste for brains. It was time to (following the analogies) let it ignite or grow up or eat some brains.

I played a solo show at the Turf club in February as an experiment. A mix and mash of CSNT and TDHH with a surprise guest in the form of a virtual Eva projected on the screen next to me singing our songs from thousands of miles away through the magic of technology. She sounded gooooood (Thank You Tom Hambleton).

There is still something here. Lee, Annika and I are all up to the challenge of finding out what…and Eva is still in the mix half way around the world.

Our first show as a trio is Thursday May 21st @ The Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their third Thursdays series. 6:00 pm and FREE!

and June 12th @ The Varsity Theater opening for The Alarmists CD release show.

So there you have it. It’s been too long so come and love us up.

written by: Linnea 

Apr 13 2009

coach re-arranged

time goes so quickly. coach said not to is back. more soon…

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